Synopsis[edit | edit source]

60 years ago a strange case of insomnia caused the population to spend more than a week without sleep. The victims, completely sleep deprived, went crazy. To cure this mysterious illness they created a new medication, called Lullaby, but due to side effects, the patients became vampires, or "Bloodivores". Mankind fought a war against this new species and triumphed, but the vampires were scattered all around the world.

Mi Liu is a special child born by a human and a vampire. He's the so-called child of hope, the symbol of coexistence between the two species. After Mi Liu was caught during a bank robbery with his "friends" (that much to the child of "hope" and "peace") he was transferred to a special prison of the National Defence Agency prepared to contain vampires. There Mi Liu tries to escape with Anji, but monsters attack the prison. That's when they discover, that the prison is in the place where vampires originated from, the old capital "Blue Town". Now they have to discover from where the monsters and vampires originated from and why....

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Bloodivores

Episode 2: Awakening

Episode 3: Hemomancy

Episode 4: Sacrifice

Episode 5: Sapphire

Episode 6: Choices

Episode 7: Reunion

Episode 8: Countdown

Episode 9: Meeting

Episode 10: Plan

Episode 11: Boom

Episode 12: Counterattack

Season Two: The Time Of Life

Episode 1: The Rift

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